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Resin Keyrings

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These gorgeous keyrings make the perfect addition to a bag or keys! Currently available in five different designs:

Blush and Gold: commonly contains, rose quartz crystals, pearls, and gold flakes, with a gold keyring

Sandy Beach: commonly contains natural shells, sand, and white stones with a gold keyring

Hundreds and Thousands: contains hundreds and thousands (yes, real ones) with a silver keyring

Pearl Beach: commonly contains, white shells and pearls with a silver keyring

Rose Petals: commonly contains dried rose petals and gold flakes with a gold keyring

Exact design and colour may differ slightly as each product is handmade to order. "Imperfections" including but not limited to; small bubbles, colour pigment, uneven thickness, minor marks from the moulds or small parts of the pieces inside sticking out, is not considered a fault, just unique aspects to your handmade piece. I take great care in making these so you can be asured yours is made with love, by Jess x

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